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Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

Last week, we brought you the Psytrance Guide, to which Limn responded: “I’ll see your psytrance guide, and raise you one all electronic genres guide.” 

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music is tricky to navigate, full of weird janks (why are the descriptions always scrolled to the bottom?), and yet genius. Brilliant. Superb. Most of its magic comes from Ishkur’s brilliant descriptions of each music scene, which are opinionated, often insulting, and scream of an incredibly deep and broad knowledge of the subject. Ishkur (real name Kenneth John Taylor) has been labouring on this guide since 1999, with the third version released just over a week ago.

“Whenever anyone asks me if I like Dubstep, I always reply `No, I don’t do Ketamine`. Dubstep cultivates a style of spastic, arrhythmic gyrations and seizure-like stabbing of extremities that can only come about from a heavy dose of horse tranquilizers.”


Don’t ask him about Brostep. 

Jason Norwood-Young
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