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Saving Fusion Tables from the grave

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

Google kills products and services off with such regularity that there are two websites — both of which confusingly have “Google Graveyard” in the site title — just to track what’s on the chopping block, and what’s already dead and buried. Of particular interest to us data geeks is the imminent demise of Google’s Fusion Tables, due to shut down on 3 December 2019. At one point, it was the go-to for interactive maps, and there are still plenty of Fusion Table maps (and other vizes) embedded in news articles that form the tapestry of history. If you do need your Fusion maps to live beyond Google’s capriciousness, check out this open source thingymajig that will let your maps live on, zombie-like, until one day we turn the internet off.

Jason Norwood-Young
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