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Will social media be Julius’ downfall?

Adam Oxford
Adam Oxford

Top data story of the week without doubt goes to Pauli van Wyk and the Daily Maverick, which alleges that Julius Malema was using funds looted from the now-collapsed VBS Mutual Bank to fund his personal expenses. The first half of the story, documenting odd financial flows from VBS to a businesses owned by Malema associates and family, has been told previously. This week, the DM team has linked a credit card statement from one of those companies to social media images. By combining those, it’s presented a compelling case that many transactions were made by, or on behalf of, the Commander-in-Chief himself. Bonus points awarded for the use of a Google Earth flythrough to show where each transaction took place. Will the master manipulator of social media be brought down by his own Instagram account? The irony would be almost too much.

Adam Oxford
  • Adam Oxford is a freelance journalist, media consultant and civic tech enthusiast. He also works closely with startups developing solutions to access to justice problems.

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