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Prehistoric uber-crocs bestrode SA

Adam Oxford
Adam Oxford

Zimbabwe’s current president is famously nicknamed for a toothy amphibian because of his political agility and cunning, but South Africa used to be ruled by literal crocodiles which stood on two feet and fought dinosaurs. Roar!

According to a study published by a Wits team:

‘Rauisuchians’ are non-crocodylomorph pseudosuchian archosaurs that played important roles in terrestrial Triassic ecosystems

These ancient fossils provide us with evidence of how at least two predator species hunted these vegetarian dinosaurs 210 million years ago. It is amazing to follow the clues left behind in fossilized teeth, jaws, limbs and other fossils to help us tell the ancient story of life in southern Africa.

(Image via Viktor Radermachar)

Adam Oxford
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