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The fucked up number of the week: 45 million

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

An argument can be made that crime numbers and statistics can make victims faceless and make the story less impactful. In this case, the victims — those of child pornography — must remain faceless; and the number is so big that it is the story: 45 million photos and videos found by tech companies in a year. It’s the kind of number that rocks you, makes you rethink this world, and if you’re a parent, ramps up the fear level to 11. With these statistics, it’s more sensible caution than paranoia.

Jason Norwood-Young
  • Journalist, developer, community builder, newsletter creator and international man of mystery, Jason was one of the first South Africans to really grasp the importance of data in the newsroom and has remained one step ahead of the trends in the field all the way. Even Naked Data was conceived before email newsletters were cool again. But what does that tell you about the measure of the man? Nothing, that's what. He hides the superman CV behind a truly mild-mannered and overly modest persona and is best described as "one of the nicest guys in the business". When he's angry, it is righteously so, and his anger always wears velvet mittens. The true signs of his genius include the ability to create multilingual puns on demand (witness the alternative Naked Data strap "Putting the heita in to data") and the fact that he offered me a job. (AO)

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