Ever notice how the far right come up with some really weird terms to describe those they disagree with (ie everyone else)? There is, apparently, method behind their grammatical madness. According to this Wired story, novel phrases like “crisis actor” and “collusion hoax” are carefully seeded into pages of misinformation, so that when they are used by a frothy mouthed spokes-fascist on Fox News, people who start searching to find out what they mean and are led down a curated rabbit hole into extremism.

In Congressman Devin Nunes’ opening remarks, he argued that this was just another example of news media and Democratic “information warfare” spreading “hoaxes” that delegitimize the president. His argument was similar to his remarks during a June 12 House Intelligence Committee hearing, where he referred to the Mueller Report as a “shoddy political hit piece” created through a “perfect feedback loop” between intelligence leakers, key intelligence figures, Democrats, and the media who perpetuate “fake outrage.” These remarks do more than assert his position. A careful analysis reveals how strategic keyword signaling amplifies conservative agendas in the contemporary news environment.

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