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Every .za website MUST link to SA’s Coronavirus site

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

Say what? According to legislation published in March 2020’s Government Gazette, all websites ending with a .za in their domain name will need to carry a link on their front page to SA’s official Coronavirus website.

5.1.4 All internet sites operating within the .zaDNA toplevel domain name must have a landing page with a visible link to

Government Gazette, 26 March 2020

No punishment is described for the websites that don’t comply, and there is no indication how this would or could be checked and enforced.

The vast majority of .za registered domains are’s, which accounts for 1.23 million domains. There are 24,152 .org.zas, 2,174 .net.zas and 1,722 .web.zas at time of writing. In addition, and are reserved for government and academic institutions.

How many actual websites these represent is unclear, because some domains will be dormant, while others could have multiple websites.

In addition to this shock-rule, Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, ruled that cellphone users can’t port their numbers; “licensed entities” cannot increase prices, and access to educational information must be zero-rated.

Fake news also gets a look-in:

Electronic Communications Service Licensees, OTTs and ISPs that provide linear and non-linear services bears (sic) the responsibility to remove fake news related to COVID-19 from their platforms immediately after identified as such.

Government Gazette, 26 March 2020
Jason Norwood-Young
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