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Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

Enjoy scrolling? Enjoy feeling outraged? Enjoy solving the world’s problems? Warm up that mousewheel and head on over to 1-pixel-wealth, which lets you scroll through Jeff Bezos’ unimaginable wealth, with each 10 pixels worth $5 million. And once you’ve gotten through Bezos’ $139 billion, you can start on the mind-numbing amount that the wealthiest 400 Americans. Author Matt Korostoff doesn’t just visualise the $3 trillion these dragons hoard — he examines what they could do with that money, should they choose to, without ever losing their status as billionaires. Like wipe out malaria, give every person in the world clean drinking water, end poverty in America, pay the taxes of most of the US households, and more. All at once.

“Jeff Bezos may be insanely rich, but it is a drop in the ocean compared to the combined wealth of his peers. The 400 richest Americans own about $3 trillion, which is more than the bottom 60% of Americans.”

Matt Korostoff, 1-pixel-wealth
Jason Norwood-Young
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