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Do_Action Wordpress Charity Hackathon

Build a website for your favourite charity

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

When: 1 – 14 June 2020

Where: South Africa, Online

Like many other previously in-the-flesh hackathons, this year’s Do_Action hackathon moves online, so you can build WordPress websites for South African charities in nothing but your undies.

The concept is simple: Teams of six (a social media guru, content manager, designer, a couple of developers and a cat wrangler/project manager) work intensely for a week to deliver a brand-spanking-new WordPress website for one of ten non-profits.

Seven of the ten charities still have positions open, including NOAH (Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity), for “inner-city refuge for pupils after school serves to keep children who are orphaned or vulnerable off the street until there is an adult back ‘home’.” Girls Matter supports teenage girls who have dropped out of school. Outliers creates safe learning spaces for 15,000 students from disadvantaged communities.

Doing this work will officially allow you to put your undies on over tights, since you’ll be doing superhero work. Just remember to change before you go to the shops…

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Jason Norwood-Young
  • Journalist, developer, community builder, newsletter creator and international man of mystery, Jason was one of the first South Africans to really grasp the importance of data in the newsroom and has remained one step ahead of the trends in the field all the way. Even Naked Data was conceived before email newsletters were cool again. But what does that tell you about the measure of the man? Nothing, that's what. He hides the superman CV behind a truly mild-mannered and overly modest persona and is best described as "one of the nicest guys in the business". When he's angry, it is righteously so, and his anger always wears velvet mittens. The true signs of his genius include the ability to create multilingual puns on demand (witness the alternative Naked Data strap "Putting the heita in to data") and the fact that he offered me a job. (AO)

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