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How I learned to stop worrying and love the machine (with NYC Media Lab)

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

If you need a crash course on the state of technology and the media (and who doesn’t), check out the MACHINES + MEDIA event, a series of five discussions with some very smart people about the state of our industry, where we’re going, and what pitfalls and opportunities we have along the way.

The first talk happened earlier this week, but you can catch up with YouTube. While they talk a great deal about digital divides, the dangers of tech in media, and how to drag your newsroom into the new reality, I really liked the opening comment from Charlie Beckett, founder of Polis:

The news industry … has been through that first big evolution at the beginning of this century of going online — getting your newspaper or your TV show online. Then there was the big social media, that huge wave of change, which in a way was more pervasive: it really changed the working practices and the relationship with the audience. I think there is this third wave around data and so-called artificial intelligence and so on. … This isn’t just about a technological update, this is about a fundamental moment when we think not just how we do this stuff, but why we’re doing it, what’s the purpose of it.

Prof Charlie Beckett, founder, Polis

Watch the video here (or below) and sign up for the next four events here.

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