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Superheroes fighting AI bias

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

In Better Off Ted, season 1, episode 4 (released in 2009), black workers at the Veridian corporation are left in the dark when the company installs motion sensors to turn off lights when no-one is in the room.

Apart from being the best episode of anything ever made, it was incredibly prescient of a current world that relies on facial recognition to open doors, get through airports, or get flagged for “random” security checks.

Enter the Algorithmic Justice League, a group fighting the injustices of bias inherent in systems that are designed almost exclusively by white men. It’s led by MIT Media Lab Phd Joy Buolamwini, who ran into problems doing her work involving facial recognition when she couldn’t use herself to test the applications she was building.

The AJL’s mission is to bring diversity to both the coders and code of AI, as well as making it more transparent, consensual, and with oversight in place. It uses hard science for its research, but presents the results though art and storytelling.

See the AJL site…

Watch the TED Talk that launched the AJL…

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