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R12 million Lotto funding for a stadium that’s already been built

Adam Oxford
Adam Oxford

Like many around the globe who have been stuck at home for the last few months, one half of Naked Data has finally cracked and thrown all the money saved on commuting into some minor renovations this month. So we completely understand the challenge of building budgets that spiral out of control, the unexpected calamities (a water leak) and the disappointment of finding you’ve ordered the wrong door after a wall has been knocked down and the plastering finished (true story).

If only we’d gone to the South African Lotto and asked it to bankroll the build, our worries would have gone away. The latest investigation by GroundUp and the Limpopo Mirror into misuse of Lotto funding has turned up a stinker: just under R12m handed over in 2018 for a sports stadium that had been built two years previously for apparently a quarter of the budget. Only around R100 000 of the new grant appears to have been spent on upgrades and repairs, while the stadium itself is – to put it politely – not looking like it’s effectively fresh out of the shrink wrap.

It’s a masterclass in following the money. And given the hard time we gave our builders for not getting the crazy paving straight, the pictures in the report are going to give us sleepless nights. Check ’em out here.

Adam Oxford
  • Adam Oxford is a freelance journalist, media consultant and civic tech enthusiast. He also works closely with startups developing solutions to access to justice problems.

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