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Can you skin a dog with a knife made of frozen poo?

Adam Oxford
Adam Oxford

Apparently you cannot, as team of winners at this year’s Ig Nobel prizes for research have proved beyond doubt. Also making the list is the paper that suggests many etymologists are afraid of spiders, and that poor people snog more than the rich. Check out the full list here.

We repeated the experiment using the fecal samples of another team member (M.R.B.), whose diet was more traditionally Western (see supplementary online materials). The “hand-shaped knives” were subject to the same procedures and temperatures as the first set of knives (Figs. S7–S8). However, these knives also did not cut through the hide. For curiosity’s sake, we tried to cut the subcutaneous fat on the underside of the hide. With some difficulty, only the shallowest of slices could be produced, and the knife-edge still quickly melted and deteriorated (Fig. S9).
Adam Oxford
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