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Is US mail getting slower?

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

My mother-in-law hand-made 100 wedding invitations for my my wedding, and mailed them from New Zealand to South Africa. We’re still waiting for them, thirteen years later. This is about typical for the South African mail service, which is a classic failed state-owned enterprise. Having moved to Europe, I am suddenly experiencing a working mail system, and it is wonderful. It enables government services, e-commerce, banking, and old-skool sending letters. It’s a massive boon to the economy, so you do not want to screw it up. Unless you’re Donald Trump, the one-man wrecking ball, facing a sudden move out of the White House (and possibly jail after that). He’s imposed his man, Louis DeJoy, as Postmaster General, with many expecting DeJoy to kibosh up the mailing system to stymy the mailed-in votes, which are expected to favour the Dems. But can one man really screw up a massive, established, national postal system? Thanks to the New York Times and mailing tracker SnailWorks, we can find out, with data. Trust me America, you don’t want to screw up your mail system.

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