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Cartographic view of US election results

Winning big with US election maps

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

I’m a big fan of election maps, having built one myself, and (like everyone else) I’ve had one eye on the results coming in on the too-close-to-call 2020 US Presidential Election all day. After trying quite a few options, I settled on Al Jazeera, which opted for a cartographic instead of a geographic map. It’s particularly good on mobile.

CNN lets you play with the same map that they’re using on TV, which is fun, although I’m not too fond of the colours. But where CNN’s map shines is its ability to zoom in to counties, which is perfect if you’re desperately watching the bottom-right corner of Pensilvania.

Interestingly, the democrats historically were represented by red, and the republicans by blue, with the colours often swapping until 1996.

For pure data, though, I do love The Economist’s swing charts, showing how far various states swung left and right.

The Economist also has a fairly useless but goddam beautiful vote-by-population-density map.

At time of writing, there’s no clear winner yet, so I’ll get to feast my eyes on these babies for a few hours – or perhaps days – more.

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