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The everyman’s guide on denying science

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

I’m hopeful that as a Naked Data reader, you have some kind of belief in an evidence-based reality. But this isn’t true for everyone, and QAnon, Covid-denialism, Trump, and the rise of the ultra-left and right is a stark reminder of how many people employ cognitive dissonance as a shield, or weapon. Sean B Carroll writes a fascinating observation in Scientific America that these cults of disbelief tend to follow a pattern: The Denialist Playbook as he calls it. He looks at the chiropractors’ fight against the polio vaccination and Creationists’ defence against all evidence as examples of how the average denialist plays out six basic principles of science denial.

” If we hope to find any cure for (or vaccine against) science denialism, scientists, journalists and the public need to be able recognize, understand and anticipate these plays.”

Sean B Carroll, Scientific America

Jason Norwood-Young
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