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Social media isn’t actually secret, discovers Parler users

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

You would think that QAnon believers, militia members and people who believe in a massive nationwide conspiracy to steal the vote from Trump would naturally be quite a paranoid bunch. Not paranoid enough, it seems. For some reason, they believed that the videos and photos they posted of themselves raiding the US Capitol buildings would somehow be safe when shared on social media. When Twitter-for-facists, Parler, hit the wall with Amazon refusing to host it anymore, hacker @donk_enby raced to back up the whole of Parler, thanks to a poorly secured API, before it went off air. The whole 56.7 terabytes, including raw video, often with location and owner metadata embedded, is now available to folks like the FBI, Bellingcat, and this anonymous person who made a map. And you can get it too, here, if you have enough drive space. From my own dumpster-diving through right-wing sites, I am happy to inform you that the fascists are shocked, horrified and terrified by the realisation that social media isn’t actually private.

Jason Norwood-Young
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