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The rioters’ own goal – 500 videos on social media

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

I often offer a silent prayer up to The Flying Spaghetti Monster that we didn’t have cellphones with cameras and an easy way to upload said photos to the interwebs during my younger years. So many of my foolish decisions remain forever locked in the past. Not so in today’s world: Trump-supporting rioters’ idiocy in raiding the US Capitol is only topped by their decision to record their crime from a myriad of angles. ProPublica has done an immense job in creating a 500-video timeline of the event, as fascinating as it is disturbing.

The trove comes from the Parler hack we reported on last week. “We culled the collection to some 500 videos uploaded to Parler by people in the vicinity of the White House and Capitol on Jan. 6, and sorted them by time and location, thus giving the public an immersive experience that would previously have been impossible to achieve without being there amid the clouds of tear gas and pepper spray and the crush of bodies pressing toward their goal,” writes Alec MacGillis in a very interesting article on the project.

Jason Norwood-Young
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