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Data dysfunction for bad apples in the big apple

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

It’s two years since the launch of the website, which tracks bad apple cops in the Big Apple, but a Twitter thread by CAPstat lead Julie Ciccolini shows how much hasn’t changed: a comparison between CAPstat and NYPD data shows that officers with multiple disciplinary issues that have cost the Department millions of dollars are still marked as not having any disciplinary history issues. It’s a case of two disparate realities.

I wish it were otherwise, but something about offering a gun, baton, and command over other people tends to attract the world’s bullies to the police service. (The police shooting of a bystander outside the Wits University this week is a timely reminder.) Cynthia Conti-Cook and Julie Ciccolini, heads of The Legal Aid Society’s Special Litigation Unit Cop Accountability Project, collected a trove of New York City police settlement data into back in 2019, married it to info on individual officers, and sliced and diced it by an impressive number of facets for the tool.

Jason Norwood-Young
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