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Need a data analyst? Try Fiverr

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

Fiverr, the site that we’ve turned to for years when we’ve wanted a logo but have been too cheap to pay full-price for it can now be the site we turn to when we want data science but are too cheap to pay full-price for it.

It’s the first new vertical the company has launched in nine years, probably because they’ve realised that the data scientists are making AIs that will design our logos for us and eat Fivver’s lunch. Meanwhile, some highly-skilled person with a very low cost of living will be taking ML and AI work from the regular data analysts, starting at $4.44 for NLP/sentiment analysis by emanahmad1.

Go grab some cheap data services here…

Why does the Data Processing guy look like he’s got a migraine?
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