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Bob Ross' paint palette visualised
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Welcome… to the Bob Ross virtual gallery

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

I can’t use this Bob Ross Virtual Art Gallery without reading the text in a husky, sultry whisper. Bob Ross, for those who haven’t turned on the Internet or watched sufficient daytime TV, was the host of The Joy of Painting, an eighties and nineties show where he would knock off impressive landscapes in 26 seconds, all the while talking mesmerically in what we’d today call ASMR. The site dives into his choice of palette, and if you know any painters you’ll know how passionate they get about their Winsor & Newton cerulean blue. (Ross was more of a Prussian Blue kinda guy.) It’s a lovely visualisation, as calming, deep and interesting as Ross himself, even if his paintings are impossible to find.

Jason Norwood-Young
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