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Four faces, one of which is real and the others altered by AI

AI or human? You be the judge

Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young

I was very proud that I got barely above average for this test that asks you to identify whether photos, text, music and artworks are produced by a bot or a human. It’s really hard, and I found music by far the toughest to distinguish a machine from a real composer. Regarding music, the evil scientists at Tidio write: “An EDM track arranged by a human producer was identified as AI-generated by 71.4% of the respondents. On the other hand, a song created by AI (trained on the songs of the Beatles and performed by musicians) convinced 61.6% of people to be composed by a human.”

It’s pretty terrifying, but the authors note that AIs might be good at specific tasks with limited variables (a cat’s face), but they’re still shit when you zoom out a bit (a cat’s body). You still have a purpose… for now.

Jason Norwood-Young
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